Hello Linkin Park fans!

As some of you may already know from browsing our forums,
we here at The Linkin Park Association are currently working on a
special fan project to coincide with the upcoming 10 Year Anniversary of
"Hybrid Theory", that occurs later on this month.

As part of our vision for this project, we here at The Linkin Park
Association are actively searching for contributions from Linkin Park
fans worldwide and we could strongly use everyone's help to make this a

Here's what we need everyone to do:

1. Grab a sharpie/marker and a piece of paper. Or pull up a word processing program on your computer.
2. Write down (or PRINT OUT) a personal thank you message to the
band (1-3 words preferrably) on the piece of paper, starting the
message with "Thank you for".
3. Using your digital camera, take a picture of you holding the
sign in clear view with your face showing. Please make sure the text is
very legible in the picture. Pictures must be submitted in a high or native resolution. We cannot use anything very small or under 1500 pixels in width.
4. Send the picture to submissions@lpassociation.com with the subject "Thank You Submission".

Deadline for submissions is October 17th (5 days from now).

We will reveal what this project is all about within a few weeks
once we receive enough pictures, but for now we NEED your photos to make
this project happen. Without them we cannot create this project,
because its fueled by YOU the fans. All it takes is 5 minutes of your
time, and 5 minutes is nothing when it comes to thanking your favorite
band for changing your life, right?

Let's make this project a huge success. The band deserves it!