Hey everyone!! I was just wondering if anyone knows if LP are going to tour Aus any time in the future?

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and... latin america?
i saw them in adelaide was fucking sick best band i've ever heard and they crank it up a notch when they perform live come to adelaide and rock with all ur fans again
Any more updates on the December 2010 rumours?
Yea they said they're going fishing with the Alabama, Georgia, and Alaskan senators so I'm not sure if it'll happen

Matty C said:
Any more updates on the December 2010 rumours?
oh damn :(
they are supposed to be coming out the same time as bon jovi i have been told,,,
i work in a record store over the ditch in NZ.. according to the stickers on the CD/DVD version.. "LINKIN PARK TOURING AUSTRALIA DECEMBER."
thats all that it says.. and something about the promoters website.. so expect to have an announcement soon i suppose...
i would of thought tickets would be on sale by now if they were performing here in december but ive been looking around and apparently they really are coming here then. so i guess we'll just have to keep looking!
Here's the official press release / announcement for the Australian tour to hit this December.

Imagine a joyous treat in $2.99 ! Grab your pre order of Versant debut album as they are going to rock on 2st Sept

Here's a speculative question....

So I'm a keen New Zealand fan of the band. Generally speaking if a band is gonna play a show in New Zealand its because they're playing in Australia and can easily hop across the ditch. These shows are also usually booked and announced at the same time.

Seeing as the Australian leg of the tour has been announced already with no sign of a New Zealand gig, what do you think the chances are of them actually having an independent New Zealand show? My problem is, if Linkin Park are only going to play in Australia I'll buy tickets for there and fly over for the weekend, but spending all that money now in presales to hear of a New Zealand show later would suck...

Any advice on how long I should play the waiting game with this one?
I wonder who the "special guests" will be? Hopefully not Chris Cornell again :P

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