Hey everyone!! I was just wondering if anyone knows if LP are going to tour Aus any time in the future?

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Chris Cornell was okay, but his set was so loong.

It seemed even longer too being crushed at the front of the pit, yick.
OMG! The LPU pre-sale tickets are $132!!!! SoundWave tickets are only $160.
Seriously?! That's even more expensive than the last tour!
Serious. I don't think Metallica's tickets were even that much.

Giselle said:
Seriously?! That's even more expensive than the last tour!
Ugh, damn. Guess I'm not going to be able to fly over to see them then ='/
Has the pre-sale started for Sydney - I know it said 2.00pm today but how can I get tickets?
You should get an email from LPU with a link to ticketek

Has the pre-sale started for Sydney - I know it said 2.00pm today but how can I get tickets?
where do i go to buy LP sydney tickets?
I joined LPU today.. I can't login to clinque... Ffs keep redirecting me to same page
wtf is wrong with this site wow
I can't login to LPU
it says LPU members have the opportunity to buy it now
many members on here have already bought it
i can't fkn login.. I use the clinque crap and it just reloops to the same freaking page
im paniccing
i just snapped up my ticket, for melbourne. so freakin' excited!! =D
Only Aussie in December?..... Chester remember what happen to you last time you went to Aussie!!!! Come to NZ, we totally rocked out just as hard if not more than any of the other places you go to.... 3 concerts in NZ would be doable, you'll be home in time for christmas - and it would be the best christmas pressie you could give the Kiwi fans too!!!!! :)

Totally get the fustration with clinque, it won't let me log in under my LPU status, so then wondered if it had expired, but checked me records and nope, still got a couple of months to go.... sigh... it's so tempermental without a doubt!

Not sure if I can afford Aussie tours at the mo... sigh....
It's usually fairly safe to say that when the 1st night sells out they start adding more shows in each region. It happened pretty quickly in Auckland in any case. The band and venues tend to leave a day either side of the shows to account for this.

I wish I could go to both! That would be a complete dream come true! Especially since I haven't actually been to Australia, ever, yet haha. There's no way I can afford the flights over and concert ticket, and still be able to eat for the month after, if I did fly to Aussie though


Still, who needs food right?

Dan Kelly said:
ahah far out yeh tickets are pretty dam expensive... u guys know what the difference is between "gold reserved" and "silver reserved"? and why the hell are they only doin one show everywhere! , iand "giselle" ithink they will go New zealand, although why not go both? just to be safe ahah...expensive tho

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