I am going to the 13th Dec gig in Melbourne, and possibly the 12th as well.
I have no one to go with.
Anyone want to get to know me and have someone to go to the concert with?

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I so would, unfortunately I live in Brisbane though. I am however going to be attending the Brisbane concert! Shame I don't have more money, I'd most definitely just fly around Australia and just follow their tour and go to every show...

One day. One day...

I hope you do find someone though, I'm going to U2's concert alone so I feel your pain...
haha I'm in the same boat, all my other mates are going to the Metallica concert so they opted out of LP :-P
At least we can go together now. There's a dude named Kyal here who wants someone to go with too.
kool, the more the merrier.. has he got standing room tix too?
i do indeed have standing tickets!

btw zee on the subject of Metallica, i sold my ticket to go see them so i could fund my round australia linkin park trip :(
Well, it looks like we have a couple of people at least!
Be awesome if we could find some more, LPC representin would be sweet.
Yeah I was this close to going myself.. kinda glad I didn't coz LP prob would have had to be put on the back burner... couldn't do that now could we!
Dex you are officially named as the Melbourne LP promotions mgr and therefore are charged with getting more ppl to come along XD lol
I am going to the Adelaide show :D

Why is the event showing as full? I cannot RSVP :(
yeea I'm going on the 12th :)

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