this is linkin park? where is the nu-metal? albums like hybrid theory, meteora... i miss the old linkin park, so do not go anywhere..think about it, 'cause it is not only my opinion, is general. missing the best band ever... From Portugal.

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where is nu-metal?? Linkin Park left nu-metal in 2005 because they wanted to head in another direction..something completely new. where have you been?? that's a better question.
I think the new Album is bad.I missed the guitars and Chesters screaming. Thats not LP.Whats going on?
Ah, I love reading these comments and laughing at how worked up you idiots are still getting over the fact that LP left nu-metal years ago. You guys sound like a desperate ex. Get over it and yourself.
So .. a few days ago for the first time I listened the whole album and ATS .. and I was a little disappointed. When I heard the first piece, "The Catalyst" I had mixed feelings. But I thought that just this one song does not hit on my taste .. However, after hearing the entire album, I regret to say that really I like maybe three or four songs .. It is really hard to say, but it seems to me that the LP does not change this way of what they should. I think there is too much electronics effects, too little is heard the voice of Chester, his wonderful scream. Like most little heard works for guitar. So far, all the albums were great. All the songs from Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Minutes to Midnight I can call my favorite. In the case of ATS so unfortunately I can not say. .. Everything I said here is my opinion .. But still I can say that I love Linkin Park and I love them, regardless of what is and what will happen. (My English is not the best but I hope you know what I mean.)
A Thousand Suns is without power and hypnotising guitar sounds, shame coz we waiting for that cd so long.....different not always mean better.... ;( I'm dissapointed......... anyway can't wait for concert in berlin & UK..:)

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