So, I know many other forums have this, but I find that it is essential to state the musical acts that you particularly dislike... (hate is a word used to often). I must restrict my list to those who are current, or I shall be ranting on hating John and Edward, Scooch, Dani/Kylie Minouge and Bob the Builder. 

and you? who are you disliking at the moment? 

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justin bieber ist the worst, I don`t know why everyone loves a stupid teenager, who makes so bad music. he better should go back to school cause I don´t wanna see him anymore. I also hate Kiley Minogue always that ugly fake smiling. and all this wannabees like Sido from Germany, what makes him more worse that he is, is that he said something bad about Linkin Park, I hate him. and all this other fake artist, that are too stupid to write good lyrics and sing just about love.
I don't like any band that creates music for entertianment and not art. 
Justn bieber,Miley cyrus,Selena gomez, megan fox,,Jonas brothers,kesha,Dora the explorer,Elmo, that's pretty much it i think, cuz I can't think of Amy mor pol rite now.
Bands/Artists I Don't Like or Hate From Less To Most

* Everlast
* Ja Rule
* Death Metal
* Black Metal
* Dance Music
* Romantic Music
* Anything R&B or Pop (Except Michael Jackson)
* R-Kelly
* Usher
* Chris Brown
* T-Pain
* Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
* Justin Timberlake
* The Jonas Brothers
* Crazy Frog
* Justin Beiber (2nd To Worst)
* And Finally The Last Band I Would Like To Mention Which I Hate The Most Is...
Bands/artists that are too political. Not EVERY song has to be about the friggen war.
Lars Ulrich
My Chemical Romance
As much as I want to support Canadians and all, Beiber and Drake need to stop. Pop in general is very catchy, but, when it comes down to it...every song (even the best) are hard to get thru after a couple of turns on the table/ipod. That is something that makes LP stand out. Anytime, or five/ten years from now...Lp songs can be played and appreciated whereas most of the rest out there get tiresome...and real quick. It would be refreshing to see everyone kind of walk down your true and not manufactured. Say what they really want and not what the business associates want to put out there. It's be a much better world, if people would stop trying to be celebrities!
Im only gonna pick 3 for this:

Cheryl Cole: I would love to punch her square in the tits.

Duck Sauce: They have a song called "Barbara Streisand" which is very annoying and is always on the radio.

Kanye West: The only hip hop artist i actually despise. Hey kanye, "Do you like fish sticks?"

Any pop singer including Lady Gaga, Rihanna, etc. You know people who don't make their own music. And I hate most most rappers.


I hate country too but I don't hate many country singers. The only one I can think of is the Dixie Chicks.

There aren't too many rockbands that I can truly say I hate but I do hate Kiss, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Marilyn Mason, Coldplay, The Eagles, The Grateful Dead and maybe a few others I can't think of.

Okay mh defently justin bieber but also muse and rammstein

I think all other bands or artist which i know have some good songs and some bad songs but this three i hate the most


all Disney stars

Tokio Hotel


My chemical romance





and it`s not all.

I hate satanics bands. I hate Slipknot, marylin manson, milley cyrus, beyonce, maria carey, avril lavigne... And others
I truly hate them
and many brazilian bands. The lyrics n sounds of the musics are irritanting
Any pop music on the radio i.e juStin bieber lady gaga Katy perry

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