So, I know many other forums have this, but I find that it is essential to state the musical acts that you particularly dislike... (hate is a word used to often). I must restrict my list to those who are current, or I shall be ranting on hating John and Edward, Scooch, Dani/Kylie Minouge and Bob the Builder. 

and you? who are you disliking at the moment? 

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I hate bands that dress up like monsters like Gwar, Lordi. i just don't see the point in that, and their music sucks really bad. oh, i count lady gaga in one of those monsters xDxD
i don't like GaGa.. at the moment, i just hate how silly she dances.. and i cannot listen anymore to her music..
Slipknot is awesome!!!!

I agree re the hardcore/gangsta rap - I gave up on them long ago - unfortunate cos it's a good genre - just they don't say anything I want to hear and they often are just showing off about themselves in the songs or saying meaningless or horrible sexual or violent or drug stuff or really bad stuff for the soul which I really don't have any interest in hearing. I wish some new artists would come out who really had something to say and weren't just posers and wasting their time writing silly lyrics. Sorry to all who like those songs, it's just a bee in my bonnet, has been for ages.



Zankoku_sinner said:

No band or artist that I dislike in particular... however, I have recently turned away from hardcore/gangsta rap recently. None of the artists really talk about anything worthwile or relatable... it's all ho this and bling that and I'm gonna go do some drugs and shoot stuff up... it's annoying. >_> (The only exception is Eminem, and Fort Minor if it counts as hardcore rap.)

Also, I don't really care for Justin Bieber... his music annoys me greatly.
Paramore. I just don't like them

Rihanna, Beyonce, Lil Wayne. Only 3!

799 said:

I Hate Justin Bieber!! ,Jonas Brothers,Tokio Hotel,Paramore :|

WHY you hate Paramore??8C

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