I want to see what is the most popular Linkin Park song ever. Leave a comment and tell me which is you favorite. In a week I will tally up the comments and give a top 3

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In The End

This one is a demo but its called 'Dedicated'.


This is a link to it if you want to hear it " http://www.ratedesi.com/video/v/qVmVTRdtaHw/Dedicated-Linkin-Park-%...!!%29 "

Stuart Beck said:
mine has to be the little things give you away, its so emotional
sorry, have to disagree, its close to my least fave
The Catalyst. its a masterpiece of a song, so well done

I would have to say, Breaking the Habit

BUT, i seriously think every song Linkin Park have done i could put as the best song they've done.


my favorite is breaking the habit, its so emotional and amazing
is waiting for the end....... best!!
Depends on the mood i'm in: fav now is Breaking the habit
One Step Closer.
i Agree that "In the End" touches millions of listeners and even aliens here it :) LP rocks 

The Little Things Give You Away

but not my favorite


Waiting For The End would be my next choose and that is my favorite.

I think Wretches and Kings...it's completely unique and is really a good song in every aspect; the catchy melody, the infectious rythym, and especially the lyrics!! :D

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