I want to see what is the most popular Linkin Park song ever. Leave a comment and tell me which is you favorite. In a week I will tally up the comments and give a top 3

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Jeffrey Wendell Thomas II said:
Oohhh When They Come For Me, Come For Me, its my fave.   :)

Agreed man! thumbs up!!
From the inside, Breaking the habit...I still got more, but...At the moment, these are my fave :)))
definetely breaking the habit, with the catalyst close at second...

for me is QWERTY the best song"


Defintly No More Sorrow. Epic!!
Um I would have to say wretches and kings. Now that is an awesome song.
I am going crazy I love many songs. Many songs are my favourite: (In The End- Crawling- Numb- Somewhere I Belong- Shadow Of The Day- The Catalyst- Waiting For The End- Blackbirds) I can't choose.
Numb ;)

No doubt... IN THE END !!!    :-) mike is just.....


Changes all the time ^^
Robot boy... The song describes me to the entirety..

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