According to me the best song is Wretches and Kings:)

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Iridescent (and sometimes When They Come For Me)
Iridescent has always been my favorite, although WFTE is a close second.
When They Come For Me ( or Burning in the Skies) :)
Burning in the skies and When they come for me means so much for me.

I was a LP fan up until this album. I could tell by the way each album sounded that they would eventually get to this, but I didn't think it would be this fast. IMO, this album is not even listenable. I gave my CD away.


Iridescent, Waiting for the End, Wretches and Kings, Blackout, Burning in the Skies

Yeah, but the new album...i wish no more vulgar words.


The Catalyst, When they come for me or Blackout...

When They Come For Me!!!!! I effin LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


No doubt, Wretches and Kings

Think of it this way: a band would turn out extremely boring if they keep doing the same thing over and over again.
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Waiting for the end

They have done the worst experimentation in this album. There are 5(useless) filler tracks.
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