Hey everyone. I just received my monthly Burn It Down remix subscription #2, and I've just tried to redeem my code but it's telling me that the number of uses for the code have been exceeded. Now it's not letting me download the track. Can anyone please help me with this problem?

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Unfortunately, i can't help you with the problem, but i can tell you i'm having the same problem..

At the bottom of the email for subscriptions is a link that says "Customer Support". It is in very small letters and light gray. i just emailed them about it and they quickly sent me a time sensitive download link that you have to right-click and save link as.

I've done the same, but unfortunately haven't heard back.

How long ago did you submit your question? Mine literally happened within 30 or so minutes of me sending the email yesterday. I also included the redemption code within the email.

Cameron Canobie said:

I've done the same, but unfortunately haven't heard back.

About 27 hours ago now.

@FearAndBullets thanks bro. Yesterday I did what you said and emailed customer support and within 30 minutes they replied to me with a new download link.

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