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can't wait for the new song

Cant wait for a sneak peek to the song!!!! 

hope we get to unlock pieces of the song soon the excitement is killing me :D

I joined looking pieces of Burt In Down

i'm so excited.. and i just can't hide it.. :D

Linkin Park has always been talked about as a Rock/Rap band.... i'm pretty sure most people want them to go back to their old stuff and keep it that way. Hopefully Mike will Rap and Chester will scream a bit more in this one. 

i want see and hear of the song :)

i dont understand how to unlock and where?

It says it's the newest single from the newest album, and as far as I know they're going somewhat back to their original style. They said MTM and ATS were just ways of them to break out of their nu-metal label, and now that they've done that they're ready to be LP as it should be :)

-__- No. 

thomas raper said:

Will burn it down be on the new album?

I can't wait!!!!

I am very excited to hear the new song. I have been a loyal fan of LP since the name Hybrid Theory lol you guys are amazing and this album i know is going to be amazing. 

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