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Ha ha, now that's true... 
David Vereker said:

Who cares if they're only for LPU? People always upload them to Youtube for everyone else to see :)


I prefer ATS to any LP album, there all great but ATS shines out for me. I think the Nu Metal is old now it was in its prime early 2000's.

Either way LP goes, I know it will be great. Bring on the new single!

I know the title says, "Burn It Down", but why were clips from "The Catalyst" being played?! I wonder if this is even true...  
Darius Shadow Razor said:

That interview concerns me. Badly. I thought this album was SUPPOSED to be Meteora style, and the way he worded that makes it sound like anything but. It puts yet another ATS in my head... While... I am an oldschool fan, I don't mind the last two albums, they're fine... But nothing I can get into and find so much meaning that Meteora and Hybrid Theory contained. On those, it was through the rough and deep, that's what music is. It released aggression through the heaviness and held deeper meaning than anything else they wrote in my opinion. 

I've already cut enough interest as it is with the new things by LP and its overly soft, overly use of just pure electronic and electronic only.

I just really hope the rumors are true, that this is getting back up on the feet from Meteora and not this... Continuing experimentation.

ManOutaBricks said:

my birthbay on april 16 what a birthday present thanks lp ur the best cant wait for album.

Thats pretty cool,

mines the 10th april so i just miss it

jamie sirdefield said:

my birthbay on april 16 what a birthday present thanks lp ur the best cant wait for album.

Well, then let's hope the new album's got everything they've done before... I liked ATS, but being a die-hard LP fan, I'll learn to love anything they do... 
Talmadge Butts said:

See. Its happening again. Thats the bad thing about experimenting. It polarizes the fanbase. Nowadays, there are fans that only like the soft, calm side of LP, fans that just like all LP, and fans that want an even harder, more brutal LP back with the raps and screams. I personally fall into the last two and even then I'm leaning to the third. Do what you want guys, but pleaase pleaasee give me something to jam to that will surpass Meteroa.

What fansites do you need? There are official - LPU and unofficial? you can write me a message.

sang aji aditya kusuma riwanto said:

what is the name of the fan's linkin park??? what fansites???

holly shit this is to fast for me to handle!!!!

CAn't wait for it... \m/


Ура новый трек будет я уверен он как всегда на высоте !!!=)

no hay ningun español aqui? agregadme :)   yogurin89@***********

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