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yeah you are right that experiment with ATS got wrong for some fans like thinking that lp are changing ;D omg noone is changing that was just an experiment(failed experiment)and really some people want even more brutal LP like given up


SO looking forward!!! to this!!! counting days!!

Brilliant post, I couldnt agree more.  If they stay with the MTM and ATS sounds, im afraid, I will be VERY unsure about spending money on a new album.  I love linkin Park, LOVE them, but i followed them because of Hybrid Theory and the Meteroa albums.  I really hope they go back to the old style for this album.  Im all for experimentation, but if you alienate your fan base, you'll lose popularity.

Either way, im excited for the new album and the new song. I will hold back my opinion until I hear it.  But either way - HURRY UP AND PUT IT ON HERE YA BIG BUNCH OF TEASES! lol

Darius Shadow Razor said:

That interview concerns me. Badly. I thought this album was SUPPOSED to be Meteora style, and the way he worded that makes it sound like anything but. It puts yet another ATS in my head... While... I am an oldschool fan, I don't mind the last two albums, they're fine... But nothing I can get into and find so much meaning that Meteora and Hybrid Theory contained. On those, it was through the rough and deep, that's what music is. It released aggression through the heaviness and held deeper meaning than anything else they wrote in my opinion. 

I've already cut enough interest as it is with the new things by LP and its overly soft, overly use of just pure electronic and electronic only.

I just really hope the rumors are true, that this is getting back up on the feet from Meteora and not this... Continuing experimentation.

ManOutaBricks said:

Please make it sound heavy like Hybrid Theory and Meteora! That's the Linkin Park we originally listened to! And that's the best

I don't want it to be heavy! There is no beauty in it. No piano, harmonies and gang vocals. That's what I loved about ATS and MTM. Plus you can't put on a heavy rock CD when others are around and expect them to enjoy it. It would annoy people probably. 

i cant wait countin down the days!!! and i wanna a few pieaces of the song, but i have faith its still gunna be totally them!!

im so excited for the new song! :) i had NO idea they would release a new single THIS early! :O i was so shocked when i read the news on mike's Facebook x) i just KNOW for a fact that this song will be a new fav of mine :) n the new album will be their best one yet :) i can FEEL it! x)

I can't stop smiling :D :D :D

honestly can not wait until the new album comes out, so excited for it. anyone know how to get pieces to the song?

" 'We want the damn song' They say!"

              -Mike Shinoda (fan's comments on the 'old' new song Blackbirds)

I second that comment.

they should try meteora guitars with a thousand suns electro 

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