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Mike Shinoda put a blog entry on his website, explaining the sound and how they cant make stuff exactly like "Hybrid theory" Please read it. It will help some of you understand more...


Monday is almost here.

Early Monday morning, our new single BURN IT DOWN will be released. The LIVING THINGS album pre-sale will begin. You’ll see the album cover, the track listing, and hear about some new tour plans. My bandmates and I are very excited for this week.

Many of you know our story up until this point. We built the band upon the idea of fusing all our favorite styles of music–as different as they might be–into one, signature sound. Our first two albums were the result of a lot of hard work, perseverance, smarts, and luck, to build a toolbox that would provide us with what we needed to make the best songs we could at the time.

Success came at a pivotal time in an industry that was about to take a nosedive, and we were able to establish ourselves before things changed drastically. Hybrid Theory became the best-selling album of the year, worldwide. After Meteora‘s success, we realized that we needed to step back and think about our future, in order to have one. We decided we had to had to veer away from the main thing upon which our success was built: the music.

When I tried to explain this pivotal moment to a friend of mine, he had a hard time understanding. He said, “It’s like you invented the Big Mac or the iPod, then decided not to sell it anymore. Why the hell would you do that?”

Trying to explain how personal and artistic choices factor in for a band like ours is difficult. As we finished up “A Thousand Suns” in 2010, I found myself having to try to do it often, in interviews and to myself. Before we even finished the songs, each guy in my band knew it was a polarizing and challenging album, one that people would probably love or hate. I suppose that it didn’t really matter if it made sense to anyone but us — for a while, we had to steer as far away from the early sound of Linkin Park as possible, or else we would be trapped making the exact same music over and over until we had to call it quits.

Thinking back: as we wrote Minutes To Midnight and A Thousand Suns, I would sometimes bring in demos that sounded like something from the first two albums. Those demos were always met with a negative reaction by my bandmates, and I tended to agree. I loved the journey toward a new, unknown sound. With each experiment, we discovered new ways to make songs, and we filled our toolbox with tons of new tools. With each song, we tried both cutting-edge and classic gear; we started with radically different seeds; and we approached the vocals with a virtual blindfold on. And, about a year ago, I realized that our toolbox was virtually overflowing with great tools.

But we were avoiding something.

In the early part of our career, we were inexperienced. We made decisions on all fronts that some of us regret (some times a little, some times a lot). And some decisions (like my fire-engine red hair back in the day) were things that I don’t really regret, but I simply wouldn’t do today. All those things spun together to create a complicated uneasiness about the past that the band wasn’t able to come to terms with for a while.

Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Over the course of the last year, the subject kept popping up, and we talked about how to tastefully bridge the gap between all the musical places we’ve been, to marry together all the ideas we’ve accumulated about how to make a song. And as LIVING THINGS began taking shape, the most powerful shift I saw take place was the acceptance and eagerness to use all the tools in the toolbox, not just some. Everything at once, together.

Some people have already compared our new album to the early ones. I suppose it depends on how you want to make that comparison (by the way, it’s certainly not about guitars). For me, it’s all about getting back to the real “hybrid theory” — not the album with that name, but the idea that the six guys in our band have drastically different tastes in music, and the blending of all those sounds intoone is exactly what we built our band upon.


The single BURN IT DOWN and the album LIVING THINGS (presale) will be available tomorrow."

Also don't get me wrong Hybrid Theory is an amazing album as all of them have been. Why do Linkin Park fans feel the need to compare everything to hybrid theory. Bands change. And the music style has always been different from almost any other band in the world. Always changing, evolving. This is what every most bands do. The bands that dont do this, end up getting moaned a for not changing. for everything to sound the same. I would like to refer you too some LP lyrics from ATS


I am not / a pattern to be followed
The pill that I'm on is a tough one to swallow
I'm not a criminal / not a role model
Not a born leader I'm a tough act to follow
I am not / the fortune and the fame
Nor the same person telling you to forfeit the game
I came in the ring like a dog on a chain
And I found out the underbelly's sicker than it seems
And it seems ugly / but it can get worse
'Cause even a blueprint is a gift and a curse
'Cause once you got a theory of how the thing works
Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first
And I'm not a robot
I'm not a monkey
I will not dance even if the beat's funky
Opposite of lazy / far from a punk
Ya'll ought to stop talking start trying to catch up motherfucker


Remember, every Linkin Park song has a proper meaning. You need to stop Bitching about how it is different. The fact is, If this was LP's first ever song on their debut album. You would probably love it... Enjoy the song. It is fantastic :)

I'm sorry, I didn't read all of you guys... When will be premiere of "Burn it down" videoclip? Today or later?

Firstly, I would like to apologize about my awful English :') Was to busy rocking out to Burn it Down ;) 

No worries, and no, not many bands top their first album. But thats the same with Everything.... The first few are brilliant and they get worse... Perfect example with films would be the "American Pie" series of films... First 2 were brilliant and got worse..

But in my opinion, The newer Linkin Park albums are almost as good. The sound is different and I love it. You have songs like "waiting for the end" That song is so similar to "in the end" But no-one realizes it, because they are too busy slating ATS. 

I cant wait for the album! :D

Piotr - A Lyrics video is up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgEKLhvCCVA 

As for the video. I dont think many people know. Check your EPG on your TV :)

here at youtube its epic with mike rapping Burn it down

Awsome Song. *-* Hehe

I saw that lyric video, but It's not oficial video to this song... I think :)

Ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!! Can be a wait to!

When will be represented official videoclip Burn it down?

Anthony Martin said:

Piotr - A Lyrics video is up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgEKLhvCCVA 

As for the video. I dont think many people know. Check your EPG on your TV :)

I love this perfect song  :)

will the itunes download be available for burn it down anytime soon you reckon? Im in Australia, doesnt show up on the store :( 

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