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it says it because almost all songs are different in the album this burn it down sounds like rap rock.but there are other songs that got really brutal screams thats why it nu metal and rap metal

thomas raper said:


Wikipedia says Living Things is:

Nu Metal 

Rap Metal

Rap Rock

Alternative Rock

Electronic Rock

Industrial Rock

Itunes America just placed LIVING THINGS in their store, just click the ''BUY THE SINGLE'' button and you can get the single or pre-order the album.


This song is seriously epic!!! It combines a little bit of everything LP has ever done! Rap, powerful and melow singing, heavy guitar, heavy electronics, retro electronics! It's all there! and i love it!!!

Pre ordered! One question. I used 12 out of my 14 dollars left on my account. If I were to try to buy something that was 3 or more dollars, will iTunes take that money from the pre order, or would it only ley me spend what is left?

@Brandon: You can spend the entire 14$ on something else, just make sure that the 12$ for the album are on your account when the album comes out and iTunes wants to bill you on June 26th...

Ok, thanks

I have this song in my head since I've heard it the first time :) It's gooooooood :))))

Well , i miss the guitars and the energy of the old songs from meteora and hybrid theory.

A thousand suns was with the exception of one song not satisfying for old LP Fans, at the concerts there

was a stop of interaction between the old and the new songs, this will increase (i Pretend).

Sorry LP, wrong way, electric music is not for my generation (i am not 20 anymore), so we all have to move on (listing to other music like Foo Fighters, Rise Against, Anti Flag , Bullet for my Valentine , Dropkick Murphys, Green Day, Flogging Molly and much more)........


i am a huge fan of LP - as we all are or we would not be posting on this page - and i feel like they played it safe with the new single release today.  there was just something missing that is LP.  i love the first two albums (Hybrid Theory and Meteora) and i know bands must grow and explore new sounds and patterns but the reason we are such great fans is that we fell in love with the crunch of the rock and rap mix plus the original sounding music mixed all together, which you would assume to think it will sound like crap but instead we get this amazing blend of all things great about this art and then throw in Chester's voice (his instrument) and BAM! it's LP at their finest.  this new song is lacking in a lot of the original things that i fell in love with from LP and i can only hope and pray the rest of the album will bring back some of the old to mix with the new.  i want that bone tingling / goose bump feeling when you hear the first beat and just know that what comes next will blow your face off.  i need Chester to scream at me through those speakers and i need Mike to rap over / under him while the music fills in the space.  i have fallen in love with all of the other albums over time, but nothing like the first two. 

Melissa, you are 100 % right, sorry to say

This music is too much Joe Hahn Style, we all miss Phoenix..........(we are you) ?

Can't get it on Itunes UK yet? What is with that?

Cant find it on Itunes, and the links to preorder are not working #fail

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