Discuss Linkin Park's first single from their new album here.

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Nice, but where is the music video?

Be as patient as you can, iTunes UK will have the single + album pre-order online soon enough.

Or you can make your own US iTunes-account, as far as i know all other iTunes-stores are stripped down versions of the US one...

I can't tell you how to make one because i don't know if it's legal to make one if you're not a US citizen but I guess google will be happy to help you with that...


When can we pre-order the album?

@Thomas: Right now if you have an US iTunes account, or an New Zealand iTunes account.

Just click the ''BUY THE SINGLE'' button if you have either of these 2 accounts, if you don't then i fear you're going to have to be patient a little longer...

I just pre ordered it, got a confirmation email, but can't find it when it says to down load if from "my account" on https://linkinpark.warnerartists.net/. Am i being really stupid? the only thing I could download was the remix bit and that's empty when i tried. feeling very stupid

@Robyn: Where did you pre-order the album?

The linkin park store, my order confirmation emails came through and on my account it says it'll accepted, I just cant get it yet. I've just thought is it because it's not 1pm pst yet, im in the uk

The LinkinPark.Com startpage is being updated as we speak as well so everyone will soon be able to pre-order the new album...


still can't find it, it's not been emailed and the my downloads bit only has "LIVING THINGS REMIXED Access". I feel I've either missed something or been duped outta like 16euros 

@Robyn: I think it's normal that you can't access the album download yet as the album isn't becoming available for another 2 months.

When the time comes closer and closer to album release day you will be e-mailed with download link(s) and on June 26th you should be able to download the album (this is the normal case).

You should however be able to get ''BURN IT DOWN'' though, don't know what's up with that.

I think i would just wait a couple of more hours if i where you and if you don't have the single by then contact shop support (that is if you bought it via LinkinPark.Com 'cause that's the only way you can get the single for free if i'm not mistaking).

Hope i could help you,

Good luck eh;)

I just pre-ordered on itunes. Do you guys know if I will be getting a ticket pre-sale code? Or do I HAVE to pre-order only from linkinpark.com for that? HELP!

I just pre-ordered from iTunes because Linkinpark.com was going to charge $3 for "shipping" even though it was just a digital download. Will I still be getting a ticket pre-sale code? Want to make sure I can get tix to the shoreline show. Thanks!!

Link said:

The LinkinPark.Com startpage is being updated as we speak as well so everyone will soon be able to pre-order the new album...


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