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Blackout. Definitely. How anyone can sing at that crazy tempo is just extraordinary.

M&M said:



B L A C K O U T ?

Any idea where I'm supposed to be able to download 'Burn it Down' after pre-ordering? Got no emails or anything.. (pre-ordered through the WB store btw, the site livingthings.linkinpark.com redirects you to)

they sayed that this song is different than anyone in the new album.

they sayed that some songs are metal sounded and some are experiments like this song.so relax.im too lazy to read all you readed so no matter what you think the album will be old+new.like they sayed the album will be mix of all the four albums.so relax .from music magazine (dont remember name) they sayed that the songs are heavier. i hate ATS much much much more than you.i wish this album was never created

Andrey said:

Hello. I am the devoted fan of your group, as well as millions. Heard your new track of "Burn it down" - a cool song, a strong voice of Chester and a little qualitative hip-hop. However I didn't hear other participants of group. Continuous electronics, synthesizer! Why you replaced a live electric guitar with computer electronics? Where percussions of your drummer? We, as fans, welcomed experiments of you, accepted them with a bang. But!" To A Thousand Suns" and the future album - forgive is fail. Pop, commercial projects with which the world is full. Your electronics spoils all essence of songs and is reflected in fans. It turns out, you are second "Depeche mode" with the continuous electronics. My 12 acquaintances LP, on you already ceased to listen to it, of course, won't affect, however, it would be necessary to listen to fans! That we loved - remained in 2003. Now from you anything, except cheap inutile electronics. The effect of an electric guitar of the computer doesn't impress, replace at least with the real! Though there will be something old a little! It would be desirable to hear game of the drummer! Already many from you turned away, and you want to listen to nobody! Us regret! It is possible to play on live tools where it is necessary! Old natural sounding in new songs - thirst of each of fans. Thanks.

 I really love the new single " burn it down"...I cant wait to hear them play it live !!!!

I think "burn it down" is one of Linkin Park's best songs to date.  The electronic rhythms throughout the song are spot on and the lyrics are fantastic.  I am just waiting to hear them play it live! Hopefully they will announce a concert in England soon.

da song reminds me something special :D

Does anyone know if you get the Underground 11 CD with the $25 membership?

"We're building it up,
To break it back down,
We're building it up,
To burn it down,
We can't wait,
To burn it to the ground."


Wow, just wow. Impressive lyrics. /sarcasm off HAHA. What a joke. What needs to be burned is this album if it is anything like this awful pop noise they call music. This music belongs in another Transformer movie or better yet, in an elevator where it belongs. 

burn it down is only the best song, is diferent, very good mix between metal and electronic

its a good song ;)

I am so glad they put this track out.  Now I won't make the mistake of buying this album like I did with the last abortion "A Thousand Suns".  That CD lasted all of two days in my car before it was sold at the local resale shop.  I understand evolving as a band, but getting rid of real instruments and replacing them with computers is not evolving, it is getting lazy.

What an excellent observation.  Without real instruments, there seems to be no real emotion in it.  That was my biggest draw to the band originally, the emotional content.  Now they sound so canned and over produced that I have taken them out of my regular listening rotation.  I had hoped the last album was just an experimental mistake, but I fear that this is the new LP and it is not something I can enjoy.

Melissa Garrett said:

I have to say this song feels soulless to me. The trouble with electronics is that you lose that "connection" - the feeling that real people are making the music. It reminds me a little of the plot to "We Will Rock You", where all music in the future is made by computers not people. Unfortunately the track feels empty to me because of it. I also wonder if their new pledge to put out material faster than previously has meant them falling back on simple formulas or having to rush, rather than finding the uniqueness of every track they way they always have.

Really hoping the rest of the album is more . . . IDK . . . "real".

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