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have you watched burn it down video lol.if i didnt know that the song if from the new album i was going to say that its from meteora. and dont forget that the song is created to be radio hit. and remember from 2004 breaking the habit was electronic song too.burn it down is heavier than breaking the habit.
and remember that they sayed that the album will be heavier than ats for the reason that it will mix the 4 albums(HT, meteora ,MTM,ATS)

I really like the new single from LP and I'm anxious for more new songs from their new album. Contrary what some people are saying, I'm not the disapointed with this new song. Diferently, I guess it has the same power and energy comparing with the 'old songs'.

Guys, you were amazing yesterday on RIR Lisboa! Unfortunately I wasn't there but I was watching you live on tv and it was wonderful! I wish I had been there... I hope to see you soon again in Portugal! Congratulations

This song make me wondering what the surprise waiting for me in this album.

listen to their new song lies greed misery to hear the rap and the screaming and the heavy guitar.
lol LP are finally back. the new song is rap metal hear it and listen to the screaming

man....... i think d new song  BURN IT DOWN........................is GR8..........................similar to NEW DIVIDE

First single was pretty gripping and the video was good though :) I'm quite exited!

Its a good song nothing like their first few albums.
when will it hit the stores in India or the UK

lies greed misery is so similar to HT and meteora. burn it down was experiment too omg.are you idiots

Linkin Park are the best ever....... I love them a lot and of-course how it is possible that they make a song and would not be appreciated or liked. certainly it is again best one. Thanks LP giving music a new edge and to their lovers such a nice work

it is true that LP has changed their style to a new one, change is good. But I also missing linkin park old style. Guys work on new one but never leave your original for which you have earned a lot fans

Holy shit cakes!!!!!! I just heard the new song... I just heard Lies, Greed, Misery five minutes ago. I can't get this stupid grin off my face. sounded like the love child of robot boy the Catalyst and Faint..Place to rest, hell I don't know what I'm talking about. But, I got to say they stepped it up with this one. I'm still picking my audio teeth of the floor. For those of us who thought they were going soft and not "Hybrid" enough-when you are finished dusting your self off you can get in line with the rest of us Oliver Twist bowl in hand. Naysayers are going to be quiet now they just got the wind knock out of em..hahaha This album Is Awesome!!!! I cant wait to get mine... yeah I'm still waiting. My only complaint is that I wanted the song to be longer... I'm just greedy but it was short and hard and dirty ...KO!!!

thats what im talking about that new song was so fcking awesome.mika was rapping chester was screaming and what happenes?
ill tell you what RAP METAL.
im getting so nervous when someone here or in youtube post something like "old LP where are you"
you must be complete idiot to say that song is not like their original style.
watch some concerts.see that they are playing only 2-3 songs from ATS and everything else is HT,meteora
if you didnt understannd it yet only 3 words

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