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Hey guys, tried to enter your contest but the site wouldn't accept any videos from me. Tried numerous codecs/specifications but no dice. I even downloaded file to google drive to share but they couldn't access it. I placed the story clip on your site. It took me forever to build a 3D house of cards.... I hope you like it. Link is http://www.youtube.com/embed/A05hwr5lC0U

Shh! Lost in the echos it on again....you think it would be okay if I just get my ear-buds permanently implanted ...yeah this album is that good....Its great to hear Mike rap hard like that........its going on my fave list two points under hands held high. And Chester is well Chester the guy screams and it comes out in melodic tunes wtf fawesome as always. Hahn is Hahn, he could mix "shave and haircut" into audio crack haha . I loved Brad and Phoenix on Ill be gone and Roads Untraveled( Im calling this one the pirate song- rapping pirate for Until it breaks)..and Rob beats a mean drum there too. I wish there was more of Rob's Faint type wailing *Loved* it on Iridescent -not complaining just greedy...its the bands fault for being so good. Lp fans are spoiled. Linkin Park is Good- no Great at what they do I don't think that they have ever made a so so album every new one is a step up. As long as they keep making them on the level like they have we'll keep listening . Thanks for the really good music LP !!!now get back to work ...more would be nice ..haha! see spoiled

"Burn It Down" is awesome song.

I wish they would do a video for  *roads untraveled* it would be cool something like what they did for  *shadow of the day* but more creepy  like grim reaper stalker ....you know like final destination type..... with a kind  of * iridescent * vibe   probably not going to happen though .  Really like the song ....hmm mabe more than" burn it down" which is a great song but this one has more instrumentation than techno and as good as they do tech their playing is awesome.  

why is lp making same type of sci-fi music video as burn it down,iridescent,waiting for the end,leave out all the rest.

I don't understand why does every body need pieces of Burn It Down??? :oo

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