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The New album Living Things is going on presale tomorrow too

Agreed! ... to both of you :)

Chizuru K. said:

Lost In The Echo said:

So many idiots here. If LP would have followed HT and Meteora's path, they would have been so boring. That's why i love them: they change. They decided not to make music only for commercial purpose, they evolved and got better. Love the 30s snippet, and can't wait for the whole song. The idiots that want LP to make the same music for 12 years can burn in the fires of  ATS


Oh god, Burn It Down tomorrow. TOMORROW ! I'm gonna die from happiness *-*

um how or where do i buy LIVING THINGS on pre-release?

nowhere cause it won't be on pre sale, thats bullshit
mikes blog: "You’ll see the album cover, the track listing, and hear about some new tour plans."
Fluffy said:

um how or where do i buy LIVING THINGS on pre-release?

Tomorrow *-*

No, Mike said it was going on presale tomorrow. "Early Monday morning, our new single BURN IT DOWN will be released. The LIVING THINGS album pre-sale will begin."

Yes and the new album's name is The Living Things according to what I heard

thomas raper said:

Will burn it down be on the new album?

^ Oh really?

OMG i  like it already!!!!!!  ^^

Where i can Find Song "Burn It Down"

ths Song is AMAZING !!! <3

i want it now!!! im dying with every minute i wait..

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