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David Vereker said:

Please don't go all screamo again :( I love your soft songs

do love their new music, but I wish they would release more hard rock songs like in Hybrid Theory

As soon as possible! ._.

Wen Oliver said:

I want pieces of the song!!!!!!!!

come on linkin park cannot wait!!!please god  let's no be a song like crawling...we want the old ALTERNATIVE ROCK music!!!come on guys bring us a good soft/electrical.alternative rock!!

See. Its happening again. Thats the bad thing about experimenting. It polarizes the fanbase. Nowadays, there are fans that only like the soft, calm side of LP, fans that just like all LP, and fans that want an even harder, more brutal LP back with the raps and screams. I personally fall into the last two and even then I'm leaning to the third. Do what you want guys, but pleaase pleaasee give me something to jam to that will surpass Meteroa.

So Excited! Gonna love the song either way! And can't wait for more news about the new album!

this is so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Want pieces of Burn It Down!

i'm hoping you guy go back to the old Linkin Park but even if its like A Thousand Suns i'll still buy it.

So excited!!! wanna hear first pieces! :-D

So Let's go!!!!! Give us something!!!!!

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