What's up LP's fans from all over the world!! so after BITS officially being chosen to be the 3rd single of ATS, how you fell about it n is it the one you was looking for it to be the next single?

Well, for me I wished When They Come For Me to be the one, but I won't complain about it, because one thing for sure, Linkin Park will show us a special creativity in the music video of BISD (with it's deeply meaning lyrics) that all LP's fans looking forward to it.

I mean, you can expect the unexpected  (just take a look to the cover)

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It's definitely single material, great choice if you ask me. The lyrics are graet, the chorus is great and the guitar is brilliant. I'm glad about the choice.
I figured that they would have either Iridescent or Buring in the skies for their next single, but i was also hoping for When they come for me to be the next one. Oh well i'm not complaning it's still a great song one of my favs of ATS.

Another cause for i'm addicted to this CD... A thousand Suns is a CD so... so abstract! Their videos, chorus, the general music on this CD...


I'm drawer and I love the abstract & I draw listening LP 'cause it's inspire me! Is a music that make you feel good into yourself (irisdescent, burning in the skies), so sad sometimes (the messenger), and so crazy and hardcore with Wretches & Kings, Backout, etc! hahaha and their videos it's so fantastic... you think: but..but.. how do they do it?! HOW DO THEY DO IT?! 


Well, excuse me, I already post my reflexion of today xD (I hate my english, sorry if you don't understand me.. u_u)

i love this
I think it is a great choice, i was hoping for robot boy because it is one of my faves, but i am not at all dissappointed!

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