So, it's basically been "officially" confirmed that BITS is going to be the next single. Mike's comment on the LPU chat was all but an official announcement, and now that both he and Joe have tweeted about shooting the video for it, we basically know. There has even been a release date announced on a couple of sites (LPAssociation, and I think Mike Shinoda Clan?)


Anyway, now that we know what the next single is going to be, what do you guys think is coming after that? The CD says Iridescent on the front; there have been rumors about W&K as a single. What's coming next? One? Both? Neither?


Personally, I'd like to think that they both eventually will come out as singles, but that's just my opinion. What does everyone else think?

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Yeah on my CD it says, including The Catalyst, Waiting For The End & Iridescent. My favourite track on the album is Blackout but i don't think Blackout lacks Single material. Though if it's gonna be anything it will be either Iridescent or Wretches And Kings, i couldn't see them picking anything else besides those two. The least singles they'l have is 4, but they could pick five. So either way it might be those two. But iridescent will probably be picked for 4th.

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