I started this in the LPUNDERGROUND forum as well, but for those that do not visit the forum, we are planning a group rate for people that are going to the summit and or concert at Camden NJ.  We are staying at the HYATT hotel, on the water, getting a group rate, and all of us members plan on meeting up before the summit and concert, taking the ferry over to both events as a group.  If you want to meet up or if you are spending the night or nights thurs and friday,  let me know ASAP on here, and or check the underground for information.  I will be posting the group number tues or wed to use to order your rooms for the Hyatt, and we are going to exchange numbers and info, meet up time and all hang out before and after the summit as well as the concert.

This is the hotel.


And this is the LPUNDERGROUND discussion and post link.


Cant wait to see you all there.

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