I've never been to a linkin park concert before or any rock concert for that matter. Anyways i am planning on going to the LP concert in dallas and i was wondering if anybody knows how this VIP stuff will work. i want to buy general admission tickets in hopes to maybe get to the front row, do the VIP people get to go on the floor 1st? also will the merch stuff still be on sale after the concert is over? if the concert starts at 6:30pm and i want to get in the 1st row will i have to get there early even though im VIP, if so how early? any advice as to how i can make it to the front row without any chaos? when they open the doors for everybody to get on the floor is there alot of people running or is it pretty organized? a HUGE thank you for anybody that helps me out =)

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Hi Chris,

VIP includes the following things:

* VIP entrance with parking (where available)
* Access to pre-show VIP Area with appetizers and a cash bar
* Concierge merchandise service
* Exclusive LINKIN PARK T-Shirt
* Official tour book and collectible laminate
* On-site concierge
* The VIP Concierge Service upgrade does not include a concert ticket. You must also have a ticket to be admitted to the event.

This is all on the tickets page, so you can also refer to it over there.

I will find out if LPHQ knows about merch.

Other fans, do you have advice on his other questions?

Can we get VIP access with any ticket? or Does it have to be a GA or Floor admission?

I have never seen merch going on sale after concerts, so if you want something buy it as you get in most likely your size will be gone by the end of the show. (or the shirt you like).


I have never gotten VIP, but for this last show I got general admission,  prepare to be there at least as soon as doors open, get to your spot and DO NOT MOVE. no peeing, no be right back (unless you have people with you saving your spot). Everybody wants the spot you are on, so stand your ground and don't give in. you will need the space to move your legs a little bit while you wait for Pendulum (amazing band by the way) and the previous band which is also cool.


Lucky for us most LP fans are really cool and are there to have a good time and not cause problems, so I had a great experience last night, I was there at the rail with my 12 and 16 year old nieces, and it was very cool.


Hope you enjoy the show too!

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