Dear Linkin Park,

I have been a fan of your band since I was eleven years old. So let's say I've been a fan for the past nine years, as I am now twenty. When I saw you had a new album out, I was excited, to say the least. I bought the album, despite being a poor college student because I thought I would truly enjoy it. I was wrong and I would like my money back. I will say that I am a fan of the lyrics, but not huge about the music. I felt like "Burning in the Skies" was too poppy for my taste and I really loved those lyrics. People probably will have said you evolved your style. And I will agree. I just don't think it evolved towards my taste. In the spirit of South Park and proving a point, I would like to have my fifteen dollars back. I haven't even downloaded it or anything if you still want the CD! I just listened to it twice in my car! 

Thank you.

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You might find it useful to listen to it a few more times? I had to listen to it three times to get into it, 'cause it's quite different :) I now love it big-time - you never know, you might find you like it better after a bit like I did. :) Hope you're having a nice one :)

s****** you are just an overopinionated dookie


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This is an irrevalant and pointless post considering it doesnt take an einstien(much less a college student) to figure out you cant get your money back after listening to it and if theirs nothing wrong with it. To be blunt here, if you dont like something dont talk crap about it.

Dear fan,

Hi, I'm one of the obscure agents of Linkin Park. No, you may not have your 15$ back. You'll have take it back to the store if you want your 15$ back.

Dear KC: :)

As far as I know, you would have to take the album back to the place of purchase to try to get a refund... but honestly, I don't know if they will.  I would personally recommend giving it a few more listens [free of judgement] you may find, like others have, that you'll change your mind about the album.  If not though, that is understandable.  This is quite a different direction that the band took, and some people (ok alot of people) don't seem to like it that much.  Nothing wrong with that.


Tyler: Please do not swear on the site & review the Guidelines :) If you continue to swear your account can be suspended/removed.

Dude if u r fan of linkin park for last 9 years, u bought the cd at your own risk... its a shame to make a post like this on lp website itself... f**k off....
That didn't even begin to resemble a rational thought process.

In something as evolutionary as music, there are going to be people who dislike the new sound despite adoring previous albums. They also have a right to voice that opinion. They do not deserve to be dismissed in an offensive manner, especially as badly as you managed.

On a side note, you might find a friend in Tyler, you're both ridiculously obvious fanboys...




and ass hats.


Good day sir.


Simon Joseph said:

Dude if u r fan of linkin park for last 9 years, u bought the cd at your own risk... its a shame to make a post like this on lp website itself... f**k off....
WOw , U could give it to me .. Im really surprised actually that u didnt like it since ur a big fan .

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