Can Linkin Park PLEASE do a remix of Gurren Lagann's "Libera me from Hell"!!!!!!!!!!

Listen, this song is ABSOLUTELY epic.  In fact, if you watch the accompanying anime, you will see why.  Give it 8 episodes to warm up.  It takes absolutely no time and makes the song about 4x better.  I promise you give it a chance (about 2 hours time, average movie length), and you will not feel like you wasted your time!

Basically the song has everything you need with an epic intro tune and legendary beat, but it drops off for the next like 3 quarters of the song.  This is where Linkin Park comes in, which makes awesome remixes with unorthodox tunes and methods that I think match great with a potential remix of this song!!  Also, if you watch the show, you will know what this song represents: it's all about giving everything you got in the face of the most impossible odds; not stepping down for any reason but proving to the world, yourself, peers, what have you, that your PERSON and INDIVIDUALITY are not to be ignored!!  This is something I think Linkin Park can very well identify with!

Listen to it:

Current remixes on Youtube:

Pretty much ruined the song:

Went too technoey and lost the epicness:

Not bad, still drops off too much:

Closest to being successful!:

Please LP do this epicness justice with a remix/cover.  I would love it, and I know, as Shinoda made Remember the Name, that some part of you, if not the whole band, could identify with what this song represents!  It would make my year to hear a song so close to being legendary reach its true potential!

Thank you very much!

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