Is it just me or are all the people that missed out on the one possible chance to see LP due to Chester's ilness getting the cold shoulder? I missed the Mohegan Sun show on Feb 11th and haven't heard or seen anything on or anywhere else on when or how we are getting our money back. If LP s not gonna reschedule the shows they cancelled (which they should) then we should have gotten our money back right away! What gives LP? I thought you guys were a litle more in tune with what's going on out there? If I am missing something and someone has info, please et me know. If not, C'mon LP take care of your fans!

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I am also in the same boat as others here - only a partial (1 ticket) worth of refund, with 3 tickets worth that "failed" due to insufficient funds.


TopSpin is a joke... they have inconsistent messenging (refunds of shipping - I know the stamp on my envelop was way less than 4.97), and this is the worst customer services I've ever encountered. I wonder, are they owned by comcast?

Already put in a complaint into the BBB... hasn't done anything for me so far

LP needs to step up and help out their loyal fans!


We are being screwed and they are standing on the sideline.

i know,doesnt linkin park read these posts?wonder why their not commenting & if they have contacted topspin?


LP needs to step up and help out their loyal fans!


We are being screwed and they are standing on the sideline.

Of course they don't read these posts because management and moderators take care of the site and management doesn't want them to know terrible they are. Come on management! This is office work, paperwork, it's an easy job. No concert=give everyone a refund. You have our money, there was no concert, so give it back.


I bought two tickets and only got a refund for one. Enough with the ridiculous apologies! I was heartbroken the DC concert wasn't rescheduled. I now need my money back so I can move on.


I'm not going to be taken for a fool by LP, their management, or whatever. Never again.


I wish a could get a refund for my annual LPUX membership.

Just to update you guys, those of you that have already voiced your concerns should be getting an email from TopSpin, as we have sent a request to them to speak with you directly on this matter.  Please let us know of any progress so we may help you guys get your money back.


- Dan

Hey Linkin Park fans.  We're so sorry for the continued delay in processing your refunds. When we submitted the bulk refunds in February, we ran in to some unforeseen glitches with our payment processor. Please know that we are working daily with them to resolve the matter. You will receive your refund and we hope that we'll be able to wrap this up this week. An email will be sent when we are able to resubmit the refunds so you'll know that yours has been processed.


If you have additional questions, please contact our customer support team directly and we'll also be posting updates in our Linkin Park article.

I have very little faith in Topsin at this point; I have been hearing "this week" for about a month now. 


I have opened a dispute against topsin with paypal and filed a complaint with the BBB.  I would advise others to do the same.

Guess what?


The week went by and they didn't wraqp anything up.  Surprised?  I'm not

I need to file a complaint with the bbb too.

Just checked my PayPal account and still no refund. I find it disgusting that no one steps up to make this right. You are stealing our money and no amount of apologies makes that okay. If you can't work out your issues with PayPal you need to learn how and find a way to get our money back to us. And, no, a 40% off LP merchandise will not do. Actually, that was very insulting. As if you were saying "Spend more money because we didn't get enough of it yet." Don't take for idiots.

Got my refund.  Not from topspin and not from Linkin Park.


Disputed the charge with Paypal they refunded my money.  Screw Topspin and screw Linkin Park...thanks for nothing.

Hey its December.... Can I please have my money?? Or something. Please

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