Love the new sound.  Can't wait for the rest that's to follow.

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No....i don't know anyone who talked crap about minutes to midnight then ended up loving it except for the Linkin Park fans who sadly decided to listen to it till it dug its sold out roots into them. That CD is garabage, this CD is garabage...and anyone who disagrees....well your entitled to your own opinions but no matter how much you people put down the haters, the reviews stay the same, both albums got the garabage reviews they deserved. First 3 did not..... Believe it or not, the ones you call haters aren't actually the haters. They're just the old die hards, the original ones that just miss the old LP like crazy. People need to stop liking music just because of the name behind it and listen to it for what it really is, utter trash. Mike Shinoda needs to leave, he deserves better, and to steal a quote from his own Fort Minor (my LP fix for a while since LP decided Mike was no longer a necesity to make a hit) "Under appreciated, and overwhelmed. Fighting so hard to hide our fears that we're scarin' ourselves."

Harriett said:
Everyone's talking shit now...but wait until it all blows over three years later, like Minutes to Midnight. When Minutes to Midnight came out...everyone was saying how bad it was and posted low ratings, and called Linkin Park sell outs. Now, today, people are coming around saying that it was actually a good album. But ever since then, all of the new releases are being called shitty. But just wait...people will come around and be forgiven.

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