Altough I am a musician, I am also studying in the University. So, finding time to make music and progress with my
projects, is rather difficult. But as a big fan of Linkin Park's
musicial creation, I wanted to make a featuring or a remix with Linkin
There was a contest at Indabamusic.com, where fans of Linkin Park had the opportunity to be a part of a new song of LP's and make
their own mix of "The Catalyst". Well, here comes the tricky part - I
am living in Estonia (this maybe explains why I eventually have some
spelling mistakes), it is a small country in Northern Europe, and no
contestants from my country were allowed to join the contest.
I had already started my remix (because downloads of certain files like
acapella were basically open to anyone in the world) when I found out,
that I can't even take part of the contest.

I was disappointed, so I abandoned the project.

 I was angry, but after a while, I realized, that the base of my project had potential, so I decided to work on it anyway.

I had been working with programs like FL Studio and Reason for more then
3 years already. I do have many projects, many good ones, but this is
my first real release and it is dedicated to propably one the greatest
band and to all it's musicians and fans. Here it comes >>>

Ctlyst - a ezay productions remix of "The Catalyst", piano and vocals by Linkin Park:


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