Hey LPers...I was wondering, do any of you have a charity you feel strongly for? If so, do you do anything to raise awareness? Please share! 

Personally, I care a lot about a charity called To Write Love On Her Arms. It's a charity dedicated to helping people with mental illnesses, addictions, suicide, self-harm etc. It is a prime example of where I turn if I'm feeling low. I buy merchandise knowing 100% of the money will be donated to the charity and I am part of their Street Time, so I spend a lot of time trying to raise awareness. 


So how about you guys? Any stories? 


If you do support charities but can't find ways to do "your bit", try looking to see if they have a street team or, if you don't know, there is a site called www.goodsearch.com which donates money to a charity of your choice with every search! It's like Google except you get a good feeling out of using it. 



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I support Music For Relief. To be hones it is hard for me to trust charity organizations, but I trust MFR! I volunteered once for them, I have donated.. not much but I can't donate a lot anyway and I try helping the organization by telling people about it, retweeting their tweets and posting things on facebook. I think the one you are talking about sounds good! I love it when people think about those things and don't just ignore them!
I mainly know the big ones - Amnesty International, World Vision etc. I support those two because I would hate to be imprisoned for my beliefs or for trying to make my country a better place or just following my own spiritual/religious beliefs, and I'd hate to be starving or find it hard to physically survive during famine/war/disaster or in the aftermath, etc. I also give money to things like Melbourne City Mission that helps street kids and people having a tough time like that, because I was like them once and appreciated the help I received. Sorry I can't say much - I tell my friends about them, that's about it, awareness-wise. :(
Another good organization is AllHands you can simply donate or travel to a place and help there. They are working on many places which have been affected by disasters and are also building schools. They need many people, not only those who are qualified in doing something, but really everyone can help there. you can check on their website. I found out about this organization through MFR. I'm even looking forward to spending 2-3 weeks volunteering and if I do it I will give you a better feedback ;)

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