Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington recently conducted a Q&A with New Times, and amidst the usual tour and band information took the time to share his thoughts on the tragic shooting that recently occured in Arizona, where Chester was born & spent the majority of his life. Albeit not necessarily news, we felt Chester's comments were of interest and something we can all reflect on. See what Chester said below.
New Times: Did you want to say something about the situation in Arizona, with the tragic shooting? 
Chester Bennington: "I admit I don't watch the news very often. I knew she got shot, but I don't know the reasons why behind it. We live in a crazy world. There's no explanation for it. I personally feel that violence and war and murder are primitive, and I think that we've evolved as a species beyond that. Unfortunately some people still feel that's a means to an end."
"Peace and love and communication are the way that we all resolve our issues with each other. There's a non-violent way to express yourself and get your point across -- regardless of what you're saying or what your point is. In a free society, people have a right to believe whatever they want to believe. That's their business and they can speak their mind."
"But nobody, even in a free society, has the right to take another person's life. Ever. That's something that we really need to move beyond."

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