where was lp or xero bofore 2001/2003.chester is the key between lp's  failure or sucess but he's not singing hard.can anyone tell why this band would be successful or not go downin future or is it towards its end . i think all fans want a good typical hard rock band.

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All fans want the typical LP band that is totally different than all the other and that's why we love it ;) So chill, my dear!

i think hybrid theory was far better than any other album it was like a typical hard rock album.we want good not different.

well i do not want selfish people on this planet, but what can you do...

its all in favuor of linkinpark if u could undersstand what i am saying.itiunk i should blog it.


lp not as good as it had once been and lp may not be for ever

Well, i can say that your post became boring, becouse you don't like when people say that HT, Mt, or MTM were better that the ATS. When someone say something like that you always get angry and comment some stupid things, that i really don't like. 
You've sad that this guy is selfish? Nooo, he is not. He is definitly right. But what can we do? Nothing... We have just to sit in our chairs and wait for LP to give us a date od album release... :)

Rositsa Ivanova said:

well i do not want selfish people on this planet, but what can you do...

Just Saying Mark Wakefield was horrible.  

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