As people have said, and I agree - Shinoda keeps taking full control of the album,  of these many noises and all-unison chorus parts, as well as overkill with the pianos. Stop trying to make everything so darn complex...Chester and everyone else including Mike is better than this album just make the darn music as it comes to you guys..this album is NOT great, it is simply good, and even that is stretching it.



You don't believe me Shinoda...just read the MAJORITY of the comments. CHESTER LEAVE IF U MUST! ...and hopefully find a better band then Dead By Sunrise also, you are a gem my friend.

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lol i agree sir! we waited a long time for a boring and barely decent album, clearly Shinoda. Leave Chester will you still have your voice lol ....i dont know if Chester should leave, but the rest of the statement i agree with 100 percent...Wretches is a good song..the rest I don't care for much
hmm Chester can stay, they just need to make an album that wasnt a complete failure. and i do also agree Wretches is the best on there. anybody else laugh when Shinoda goes "i am not a monkey, i will not dance even if the beat is funky" haha that song is ok too, but i still dont like the album.
Chester was as much as a part of this change as Mike, just in case you weren't aware, he did actually have a say in this album too.

Quote from Chester:
"We looked at some of the bands that we wanted to emulate: bands like U2, bands like The Beatles. They're bands that changed their style at will. I wanted to make a record that made people feel as though they were on drugs. I wanted it to be f***ed up. I want people to feel not normal when they're listening to it. The question was how to achieve it."

If you're interested, you can read more about how Chester actually feels and what he actually said about the album here:

I'm sorry you don't like what they did with the album.
Great article Dex, thanks for linkin it, love the new album and i am completely with all of linkin park and support them to do whatever the hell they want to be different :)

To topic starter and the other 2.... lol there are no words, just go away you losers!

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