I know this is gonna sound like it's not possible, but I hope one day I hope Chester finally gets a chance to sing the national anthem at the next major televised sports event, whether it's the World Series,Super Bowl or NBA Finals or Stanley Cup event or even Nascar. I don't care which one it is. As long as we get to see Chester singing, that would be so cool. Besides, it's not often you get to see cool people get this opportunity.I would completely trust him to do the best rendition ever. He's got the voice to really nail it. Don't you agree? I wanna know what you think. 

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i think he'd do great, but it would be so much cooler if they were the halftime show at the 2011-2012 superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the way you think Jaxon. As long as they get to do both that will be cool. As long as Chester gets the chance I'm happy. :)

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