Hey everyone!!

All of you know, Chester's b-day is the next week and I've thought that we could make him a present.We could make a video with photos of all his fans wishing him happy birthday and some songs of LP.

Only I have a problem: I don't know how make the video. Could someone make it?

We have not much time. The limit date to upload the photos is the 19th March at 10 am. In this way, the person who makes the video has to upload it the 20th March.

Thanks everyone!! ^^

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I'm glad that more people participate ^^

grega, how many photos do you have now?

the here and the e-mail? T_T


did you add my picture ???
cool !!! thanx a lot !! it's nice of you to do this video :)

Hey, I'll send you my picture tomorrow, ok? Can be?



Well, I think that friday need to be the last day to send the photos,for you make the video....

How many photos do you have now?

grega pignar said:

ok. how much time do we have ?
Tell your friends, do not be lazy!

I have photo :)

just say: To whom i should send it?


Вот ему: grega.pignar@gmail.com

Karina said:


Вот ему: grega.pignar@gmail.com

окей :3333333

тему писать, нет? :D

Какую тему оО

Фото отправь ему и всё:D

да чтоб он за спам не посчитал ненароком



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