Chester has such an unusual voice doesnt he? Either screaming his words in songs like "Blackout" or singing normal and calm like in "Waiting for the End". What do u like better? Chesters screamo voice, or his nice calm voice? But there is also an in-between voice tha he has too.

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Chester doesn't just have a beautiful voice, he also knows how to use it. :-) The soft, warmer timbre (The Messenger) is quite often heard in tenor voices (go listen to Depeche Mode's Martin Gore, if you need an example), but he obviously controls his techniques, which is very important to become a good singer. Personally, I love all of the "voices" he uses in his music, from calm and warm to the angry white boy-vocals. It just depends on the moment, on whatever I am in need of; screaming anger and teenage rage, or the warmth of such a nice man overwhelming and calming my stressed being. Sure, Chester has a unique voice and I tend to use his technique for practicing (sing until your throat gets soar, have a drink, and then go on), but we should not forget that Mike has a really sweet, soft, yet deeply touching voice. What do you think of his singing?
Yes, i think Chester has one of the best voices uve ever heard. The best song to see the differences in voice change in my oppinion is "Blackout" though. In his first two verses, he isnt screaming, nor is he singing softly, hes more... freestying his words. He adds some very creative ends to his words in these two lines. Here are some examples from these two lines from "Blackout". "I saw through the words you saaiiiiddd" and " NO reMORSE from the trust your breakin" and "ALL the LIES how they cut so deeply!" I think those are VERY creative ways to add some empathy to his words. There isnt a day that goes by where i havent listened to that song. Now, he also screams the chorus in this song. "NOOOOO!!! You'll never get it inside! Your pushing back down! Blackout! Blood in your eye!" And, also at the end Mike sings the end of the song using a soft, quiet amazing voice. "Floating down. As colors fill the light, you look up from the ground in fields of paper white." Then the rest of the group joins in to end the song singing "Come down, Ohhh...." untill it gradually diminishes. Its my favorite linkin park song because he uses all the styles of his voice in just one song! So yes i think he is an EXTREMELY talented singer!

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