Everyone im sure we all know lp has taken a turn for the worst in the new albums lately.lp u guys have influenced me in such a positive way with your music but where did your real rock go?? All ur classic albums were amazing up to the catalyst album i was like wtf when i heard those songs u guys are like gay techno now?? :( u never hear ppl talk about you to much anymore and when they do its classic lp what happened guys?? You guys made rock like no other it was unique plz plz i just hope that you would convert to making songs more like your classic ones thanks- justin

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You complain that they are "gay techno" still you write like a little girl.

Bands have to evolve and explore new sounds to stay fresh, they can't keep doing the same album over and over, it would be boring. I admit that when I heard The Catalyst (BTW it's a song NOT an album) I didn't liked it much, but (since they are my favorite band) I still bought the album and, after listening A Thousand Suns a couple of times, I loved it, it's a great concept album that should be listened from beggining to end. This is still LP and I, personally, loved Living Things

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