hey you guys, as long as you guys are touring europe PLEASE PLEASE come to england, because you're on my bucketlist, on the top 5 hahaha and i know i would die smiling if i saw you guys live. im sure a lot of people here feel that way as well. i mean, i wasnt in england a year back, so now that im here, its a really good opportunity for music festivals and stuff, so....please consider coming to england.
thank you guys for being such a constant source of creative awesomeness
we love you LP

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yeah go to engand!! im going soon

go the april 1rst

Yeah, please come back to England, maybe Milton Keynes, youve been here once before and I wasnt able to go. It would make me so happy to see you guys live.!!

I keep suggesting the Eden Project that would be well cool, but I would see them again in a heart beat, at any place!

I've pre ordered the new album and got my special pre sale code for there European and US tour, fingers crossed they announce dates in England so i can use my code to get my tickets :D

I don't know anything about soccer, but all I ever hear about in soccer are teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc.
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