For the most part, whatever code you would have used on the old LPMB can be used here, you just have to change the [ square brackets ] to < arrow brackets > ... But, just to be sure that you get the tags right, here are some common tags that we're use to (again, change the brackets as described above, I can't provide examples with the proper brackets).

Again, please do not go crazy with the HTML tags.

[Please note, this thread is for reference only, and as such, is closed.]


* Adding Color
[font color="PutColorNameOrHEXcodeHere"] text that will be colored [/font]

* Bold, Italics, Underline
same as old MB, just change the brackets (or click the Icon above the text box)

* Strikethrough
[s] text to get treatment [/s] (example: this is what the text will look like

* Adding image
click the camera button, or ... [img src="URLofTheImage]
Please Note: If the image is deemed too large, we will either scale it down or delete the post containing the image (depending on the ablities we have, and where the image is located)
If you need help in scaling the image down yourself, please feel free to ask.

* Adding URL links
Click the chainlink above (between "S" and the camera) or ... [a href="url_here"]Text or URL[/a]

* Changing font size
It appears that the forum does not support this feature. The HTML code for it is not working.

* Changing font face/style
[font face="NameOfFontHere]Modified text[/font]
Century Gothic font :)
Be sure to put the space between each word, if the font name is more than 2 words; ie "Century Gothic" not "CenturyGothic" or "Century_Gothic".
Also, please stick to more common font names, not all fonts are supported everywhere.

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You can also add signatures using the HTML tags listed above [images, text, etc]

The only issue with Sigs, at the moment, is that you will have to post this coding for every post as we do not have a way to do it automatically yet. :) Same goes for smilies :)



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