People... Can anybody tell me why does they just come to a few Europen countrys like Germany or England or Russia, why arent they coming in country like in Croatia, Serbia or Bosnia.. I mean it will be stupid for anybody who likes Linkin Park since they were little, to never see them live... Can anybody agree with me? Ok not everybody knows about theese countrys but its still unfair to the fans... (sry for bad english)

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I'm just waiting for them to come back to Australia. I missed them the last time they were here. I don't want to make that mistake again.

I totaly agree with you. I think they need to come and give us some "space" to mention or something..
We had here in Croatia Beyonce, Rihiana, R. Williams, Lady G, Guetta, Romero, Metallica, RHCP...
We can def bring around 30k people + more outside and this region has to see LP asap.

The cheapest ticket in Russia cost 130$.it is 100500 km far from scene.Fan zone ticket costs 250$.i'm a big fan of LP,but I can't spend such money for concert.

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