I recently got rid of a virus off my computer called "Windows Repair". It got rid of some of my icons from my computer's desktop. When I search for the programs via "Windows Search" they are still there on my PC. But they don't show up on my deck top. Same goes for my files as well. When I search for them they show up and I can open them. But when I go into "My Documents" or "My Computer" without searching they aren't there. Please can someone help. I've done numerous virus scans, and Don't know what to do now. Please help. Thank You.


Also: my screen has gone black and I can't seem to get rid of it, or save anything to it.

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First, go to Malware Bytes site and download their anti-malware program.  Let it scan and find then hopefully remove the harmful items on your PC.  After that, I suggest going to their forums (Malware Bytes) and having an expert help you.  I had a nasty malware infection last year and the experts on those forums are great for resolving that or anything else you experience.  Good luck!
Not sure about your specific problem but at some point I was getting truckloads of virus infections with avast so I switched to avg and also started using their threatlabs free report (www.avgthreatlabs.com), which quickly scans a site for threats before you actually visit it. I don't know if this helps but it's pretty cool.
The virus probably took control of your Window's administrator's account and marked all the program files as hidden, or removed your permissions to see those folders. To fix this you'll need administrator access. I dont remember the specifics, but try going into safe mode and looking at the permissions granted for the files not seen.

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