I need to contact somone from Linkin Park to get copyright Permission to use one of their songs in a BPA project. Please contact me back asap. project is due january 5th 2012....only have christmas break to work on it. please contact me soon.

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get on twitter and contact @heydudeimadam 

ok not trying to sound stupid but who is he to the band?

oh, dude. It's hard to say... he s doing a lot. He is always in touch with the band. Just contact him...

Adam is the main admin of LPU/LP and helps handle a lot of their special stuff like the LPU Summits.

However, I'm thinking for copyright permissions you would be better (or not) off reaching out to WBR since they are the ones the actually own the copyrights. [yes LP does own the rights too, but WBR is the company that deals with all the copyright requests as they are LP's label ]

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