Hey guys, I'm going to make an introduction thread to, or atleast respond to the introductionthread that has already been made.


But I've got a question. I've only fanmailed once to someone in Germany. And actually, Linkin Park supposed to be my first group where I should've sent a letter to. Now I know that Linkin Park aren't reading those fanmails. Normally a management are reading them. I know from this from the prebious fanmail I've sent to Germany.


Now I was wondering if you could tell me if Linkin Park has got any address from the management or any other address where I can fanmail too. I would just LOVE to fanmail to Linkin Park. Ofcourse I do hope that a member of LP reads the letters. Cause I want to let them know that their performance of Rock Werchter, Belgium was just mindblowing!


Anyway, any thoughts on how I do this best?



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Oh yay Belgium! (Actually I've been wondering this as well... xp)

I see that you've met LP with LPU so for you it wasn't so difficult to get an autograph. I can't afford it but, I'll see, maybe in the future. It's just that some famous groups have their manager and if they leave a contact behind, you can simply write a letter to this contact.

An Van Oppens said:

Oh yay Belgium! (Actually I've been wondering this as well... xp)

Linkin Pqark please come to PAKISTAN you never did concert in PAKISTAN you dont even know how crazy the people of PAKISTAN like your band there is a huge amount of fans of Linkin park in pakistan!!!

Can you guys come to Los Angeles, California? I'd really like to give my girlfriend the opportunity to meet you guys, Linkin Park. She really loves you guys and I'd appreciate it if you can respond to this reply.

Hey, maybe this: http://www.fanmail.biz/1977.html. or this: http://www.lpassociation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14280 helps you. But I think that they don´t have the time to read every single mail ;)

Can I use the song Lost In The Echo for a video?



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