Hey guys, I'm going to make an introduction thread to, or atleast respond to the introductionthread that has already been made.


But I've got a question. I've only fanmailed once to someone in Germany. And actually, Linkin Park supposed to be my first group where I should've sent a letter to. Now I know that Linkin Park aren't reading those fanmails. Normally a management are reading them. I know from this from the prebious fanmail I've sent to Germany.


Now I was wondering if you could tell me if Linkin Park has got any address from the management or any other address where I can fanmail too. I would just LOVE to fanmail to Linkin Park. Ofcourse I do hope that a member of LP reads the letters. Cause I want to let them know that their performance of Rock Werchter, Belgium was just mindblowing!


Anyway, any thoughts on how I do this best?



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