Any ideas on how i can convince my parents to let me have a LP Underground account. i got money but no credit card and i cant use theirs...

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Can't you show the how much this band means to you? If you'd try to convince them, that Linkin Park is such a big part in your life that you'd love to share with kindred spirits, and that you're dying to meet them, won't they listen? Tell them that this is a great community with really nice people, a lot of privilleges when you go to see them guys, and maybe your strongest argument will be how badly you'd want to thank them for being the best band in thw world... (Take it from me, M&G's are awesome!) Anyways, good luck Tami! And make sure you'll use the cute pouty face, if that has worked before. ;-)
Show them this and tell them you'll pay them back? ^^

Tell them that you will repay them with an endless supply of weekend bacon. :3



Show them some videos from lp's account on youtube, like from summits for example. My parents still don't like the idea, they just couldn't do anything about it because i have a credit card, but you should tell them about LP. I would try with interesting stuff  they are doing, etc. As I told my parents about Music For Relief and some other good stuff, they stopped being so annoying (well they still are, but it's getting better) so maybe it could work for you as well. Just talk to them ooor find a friend with a credit card, give him/her the money and let him/her pay for you ^^ Good luck, looking forward to seeing you on chat!

If they are not keen because they mistakenly think Linkin Park are a 'bad influence' sort of band, print out some lyrics from some of their songs that have really good unmistakable meanings and show them the Music For Relief stuff they do and all, so they see Linkin Park are actually a good thing for anyone to belong to.


Best wishes with it :)

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