i wrote my own lyrics, and i am trying to get them into songs. but i have no idea how to do that.


if anyone could help me that would be amazing


thank youu =)


p.s. i showed my work to some of my teachers, i have been told to copyright them

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What do you mean by "get them into songs" do you want help writing music to go around the lyrics, or recording them?
both really, i want to write music for my lyrics, and then record them
Well, first you need a tune to go with the lyrics, it helps to read the lyrics and hum along (or sing along) to them in your mind if you don't already have a tune to it. The next step is usually to try and record vocals or instrument(s) for it. Do you sing or play an instrument?
i dont sing, but i'm teaching myself to scream. and i play clarinet, nothing close to what i want to use lolol
Ok, cool. There are programs out there you can use to synthesize guitar/bass/drums/any other instrument you want. I recommend Cubase, it's what I use. I use Beatcraft, a drum sequencer, for the drum track. You can pretty much get them anywhere. The one thing you will need is a microphone, and probably a makeshift popper stopper to help the screaming come out right
ok thankyou hesht, umm, question about them. are they free programs?

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