Other than Nu Metal my fav genrez are Post-Hardcore & Metalcore [aka screamo lolz]. I no that many older LP fanz kind of rejected ATS in a way [I didn't]. But, based on what I've heard LP play I was wondering if others might think they could reinterpret the Xero, Hybrid Theory & Meteroa type genre but with electronic influence. I mean they already have electronic keyboards & screaming, but they don't use distorted guitar when they do. Just imagine if they didn't did not change the instrumental to Blackout, but added guitars? It woould scream post-hardcore! I just wanted to no what others think... gewd examples of P-H 2 reference would be Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, Abandon All Ships, & I See Stars.

Tags: A, Genre, Hip, Hop, Hybrid, Metal, Metalcore, Meteora, Nu, Post-Hardcore, More…Suns, Techo, Theroy, Thousand, Xero

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