ok, so first of all, i LOVE the catalyst. i think it's sooooo different. people need to grow up and realize that the nu metal they used to do is in the past. they're branching up. get over it, like, you sound stupid continuing to complain about it. linkin park is awesome for not sticking with the same thing over and over again just because it works/sells records.




who wants to talk about the covers for the catalyst and a thousand suns? what do you think they mean? symbolize?


i, honestly, have no idea >./p>

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Special Edition cover looks a lot cooler than the regular edition.

I like that the darkness is being consumed by the light on the SE, whereas the black is surrounding the light and possibly smothering it in the regular edition..

Re: the album, I am of the opinion this is going to be a year zero/downward spiral type of cd that tells a story and conceptualizes ideas and thoughts. Whatcha think?
i like the special edition cover,t oo. how do you get it?

i like your interpretatioon. if you look closely, the shape in the middle almost loooks like a war helmet? or maybe that's just me. if so, it sorta gives me the impression that a thusand suns will be a complilation of songs on varius controversial topics. for instance, the war helmet oon the cover (if it is a helmet, and if so, there will be many songs abut violence if its important enough t be on the coover). a thusand suns also can represent global warming. the first track, requiem, is by definition a religious song. so that would be religiuus controversy. and the catalyst sorta reminds me of cntroversy. written all over the song, in my opinion. haha. a catalyst is something that initiates a reaction. so maybe a person or thing is a catalyst on the album that makes a change in the world? idk. just an intepretatin

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